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As the weather finally cools down in Houston, many residents are on the lookout for 70-80 degree weather after a hot summer. What you should be keeping an eye out for is an influx of rats, mice, and raccoons. Cooling temperatures send these pests looking for shelter and food indoors.

Skunk odor on you, your pet, or frankly anywhere can leave you gasping for air. When it comes to getting rid of the smell, most people will give you a generic “take a shower” or “bathe in tomato juice” solution. But those suggestions, while unfortunately mainstream, won’t solve the problem.

Does the mere thought of a rat or mouse make you cringe? Do you find yourself overwhelmed when people mention them? You may have Musophobia, or the fear of rats and mice. The condition is more common than you think – affecting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Noises coming from your attic or ceiling at night are never a good sign. Once you’ve ruled out burglars or ghosts, it’s time to consider another unfortunate possibility: pests or other animal intruders.

Most people are creeped out by bats. Their presence is often associated with all kinds of stories, rumors, and folklore—some of which are myths and other things that are proven true. While you probably don’t want them living in your attic, bats are actually considered one of the most beneficial animals on the planet.

Obviously everyone wants to keep rodents away from their homes, but did you realize that rodents can also do damage to vehicles? Even if you buy the most reliable car and store it away in your garage, when rodents have access to your car, it could be at risk of damage that will not only be inconvenient but could also very expensive!

Although mice are often portrayed in cartoons as cute and furry creatures that live alone, these little pests can cause more problems than their size would indicate. This is mostly due to the fact that they prefer to live in community. If you’ve spotted a mouse in your house or on your property, you certainly need to be on the lookout for its friends and family members!

There’s so much to think about during the holidays! While you’re thinking about parties and gifts and baked goods, you would also be wise to think about keeping away unwelcome guests. No, this doesn’t mean the in-laws! Making sure that insects, rodents and other critters aren’t invading your home during the winter months is an important part of having a happy holiday season.

If you’ve ever been woken in the night by the sounds of critters scratching and scurrying above you, then you’re aware of how unsettling that can be. But rodents in your attic and roof do more than just keep you awake at night. They can also be the cause of significant damage to your house, as well as being hazardous to your family’s health once they're inside. Awareness is key when it comes to preventing and removing roof rats from your home and property.  

If you’re wondering how to keep mice out of your Houston home, one of the most important things is knowing what attracts them in the first place. If they are coming into your house, there may be a few underlying reasons that they are choosing your house over your neighbor. Let’s take a look at what draws mice into your home and what you can do about rodent control in Houston.

Common little critters in Houston that can seem adorable and friendly from afar, squirrels have the potential to become a nuisance to you and your property. When seen playing in the park, it’s hard to imagine that these little cuties could be problematic. But it’s important to remember that squirrels are rodents that can wreak havoc outside and indoors.

Attic? Crawl Space? Storage Closet? Almost every house has rooms that are neglected or forgotten. And these forgotten rooms are like a dream come true for rodents such as rats who are excited to bring their filth and germs into your home.

Cooler weather prompts rodents to head indoors looking for food sources and places to nest. If your house or commercial property isn’t protected against mice infestation, they may just take that as a sign that they are welcome to come in!  

Health problems and structure damage are both serious concerns related to rat infestations—not to mention the fact that rats are just disgusting creatures that people don’t want around! Not only are these large rodents able to gnaw through plastic and wood, but they also leave feces and urine around that can spread diseases to your family. The most common species of rats in central Texas are called “roof rats” (Rattus rattus), preferring the warmer climate. When winter comes, these rats start searching for warm places to nest and you want to do everything you can to keep them from nesting in your home. Two aspects of Houston rodent control are necessary to rid of rats for good: rat prevention and rat extermination.  

Autumn is the time when rodents, such as mice and rats, are looking to head into your home to seek shelter from the cool weather. As you protect your home against them, consider getting help from a rodent control expert to get rid of mice and keep your family safe.

When you think about the creepy creatures of Halloween, does your mind go directly to vampires, zombies, ghosts and monsters? Your home is much less likely to be invaded by these fictitious characters than it is to be invaded by real creatures such as blood-sucking bed bugs, scary spiders, nocturnal bats and more. As temperatures begin to fall in the autumn, these various pests like to try to get into your home to make their nests for the winter.

Although it doesn’t get as cold in Houston during the fall and winter months as it might in other parts of the country, an increase in rodent and other pest control problems is certainly still pervasive. As the weather begins to cool, pests begin looking for suitable homes in which to stay warm during the winter. And they might be considering your home as an option!  Mice, rats, and other rodents such as squirrels and even raccoons can be kept out of your home and property with a few simple home-maintenance checks for rodent control:

We all agree that having rodents in your home is disgusting. But have you stopped to consider that it can also be extremely costly? Not only do rodents act as a nuisance, homeowners across Houston have found that many financial burdens can come from a mouse or rodent infestation. And the more hidden a rodent infestation is, the more difficult and expensive it may be to remove. Damage from rodents costs American hundreds of millions of dollars each year. And if you’re counting on your homeowner’s insurance to cover the damage related to rodents or the cost of mouse or rat extermination, you will likely be disappointed. Very few homeowner’s insurance policies in the state will cover the damage caused by rodents, leaving you to foot the bill from wires that have been chewed through, surfaces that have been contaminated with rodent urine or feces, structures that have been damage, or even medical bills related to illnesses caused by rodents.

Not only are they pesky and disgusting, having rodents in your home can be very dangerous to the health of your family. Even if you or your children are not getting bitten by mice or rats directly, rodents that are in or near your home can carry many diseases that may be dangerous or even deadly to your family members.

Although they may look cute and furry when they appear in an animated movie, having mice roaming about your home is not a pleasant experience. Rodents are filthy, germ-carrying mammals that invite themselves into your house and make themselves very difficult to get rid of! Even if you thought you knew everything about mice, there are a few things that you may not know. And learning these things could be important when it comes to mouse and rat control.

Houston offers the heat and climate that is particularly attractive for rats to dwell. As rats search for food and comfortable places to make a nest, they may very well look within areas of your home to live as uninvited guests. When rat populations are low, they are very difficult to detect as they remain unseen—but that does not mean that they aren’t there. Performing a pest check regularly is the best way to catch a problem early, before it becomes a full-blown infestation.

As Halloween approaches, thoughts turn to monsters, witches, vampires, black cats and of course, bats. Bats have gotten a bad rap since the days of Dracula. However, there are only three species of blood sucking bats and none of them reside in the United States. There are thousands of species of bats, some as large as having a six foot wingspan and some as tiny as an inch. The biggest bats called Flying Fox bats live in Australia.  The tiniestones are called Bumble Bee bats and weigh less than a penny.

Houston, with its subtropical climate, is home to many pests. This article will cover the top three most prolific and possibly annoying pests we have here in Houston. 1. ANTS There are many species of ants and it usually involves correct identification to be able to eliminate these pests. Some ants prefer proteins, some prefer fats and their diets and tastes change. If you use a spray ant poison on a pharaoh ant instead of eliminating them you will cause them to bud (spread to different locations.)

When rodents invade a Houston area home it is important to discover how the pests are gaining entry into the structure. Baiting or trapping alone rarely solves the problem. New rodents coming in quickly replace the rodents you catch. Rodent proofing whether done by you or the pest professional should go hand in hand with other control measures.

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