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Whether you manage a hospital, urgent care center, extended stay center, or other type of medical facility, a top priority is keeping your patients safe and cared for. One aspect of patient care that often goes unnoticed is the need to protect these sensitive populations from pests. Pests such as insects and rodents can not only frighten patients, but they also present a threat to sanitation and health. Ensuring that your medical facility remains pest free is critical for maintaining equipment, rooms, and supplies that are free from contamination and bacteria.

As a business owner or manager, you probably work very hard to maintain high standards when it comes to your company’s products or services. The way that you present your business to your clients or customers is a critical part of the professionalism that leads to success. If the office, retail space, warehouse, or showroom that houses your business is not well cared for, your customers may be led to believe that they will not be well cared for either.

The contamination of food sources in the United States causes illness in millions of people each year, with thousands of deaths occurring—usually from unnecessary causes. While food can become contaminated for many reasons, contact with pests in food facilities may cause large outbreaks of illness and disease. Arranging for Integrated Pest Control Management is part of a multi-faceted plan to keep pests out and keep businesses running well.  

Certain businesses are more susceptible and sensitive to the need for pest control. Businesses in particular need of safe pest control services include Food Service, Hospitality, Property Management, Food and Beverage Processing, Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Government Agencies, Retail Shops, and much more.

Roaches, bedbugs, mice, rats, silverfish, ants, spiders, termites, and others pests are all pests that most people don’t think about until they are there. However, if you own a rental property such as an apartment, condominium, or multi-unit complex, a critical part of keeping your property safe and damage free means paying attention to pest control.

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