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For many Houston residents, summer brings sun, heat, rain, and with it, more opportunities to go outside and have some fun. Unfortunately, summer also brings out a lot of pests. And while you may notice some of these like ants and cockroaches year-round, the increased Houston heat provides a thriving environment for them and more pesky pests. For example, ticks and scorpions, actually prefer warmer temperatures.

Tiny critters that hide out in the soft, dark areas in and around your bed during the daytime, bed bugs creep out at night to feast on your blood. These critters are often discovered because of the three-pronged bite marks they leave on exposed parts of the bodies of sleeping people. As the world grows closer together and globe-trotting becomes more common, one of the most hideous travelers that often quietly hitchhikes along the way is the bed bug.

Summer vacations bring with them incredible opportunities to go on adventures, make memories, and enjoy the people you love. But anytime you travel away from home, you also present yourself and your family with the opportunity of bringing bed bugs back home with you.

Even just the idea of bed bugs can make your skin start itching and crawling. So if you think that you have found bites, a carcass, or other evidence that suggests these critters are in your home, you want to act immediately to get rid of bed bugs.

Holiday travel can come with fond memories, tons of photos and, if you’re unlucky, a slew of unwanted traveling guests that follow you home. Those traveling guests are bed bugs, which are about the size and shape of an apple seed and leave you with itchy, welt-like bites that often show up in lines of three.

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