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Preparing Your Business for Mosquito Season

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As the weather warms, there’s no question about whether or not mosquitoes will come out in droves. Especially if you do business in a place that is hot and humid. The question is, what kind of action does your business need to take in order to prepare for and prevent mosquito infestation?


Mosquitoes and Your Business

As the Zika virus continues to pose a significant threat to people all over the world and other diseases are carried around by mosquitoes, responsible business owners must take precautions to protect their properties. Mosquitoes that infest the areas around the outside your commercial property are not only annoying and bad for business, there is also a question of safety. Safety for your customers and your employees is a critical part of commercial mosquito control.

For businesses that function even partially outdoors, commercial mosquito control efforts should protect patrons and employees of the business. Even if the mosquitoes are ‘out there’ and your business is inside, you want your customers and employees to have the best possible experience. And that best experience includes not being eaten up by mosquitoes as people enter or exit your building.

Mosquitoes: Risky Little Critters

This tiny little critter packs an awful lot of punch and shouldn’t be ignored. Some people can have allergic reactions that make mosquito bites annoying and painful. Even more serious, mosquitoes are responsible for more than one million deaths each year, ranking them as the deadliest creature in the world today. Mosquitoes have the potential to carry dozens of diseases such as Dengue fever, Malaria, West Nile virus, Yellow fever, Chikungunya, and more. They can also pass on heartworms (as well as other diseases) to dogs.

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Suggestions for Mosquito Control

Without a doubt, preventing mosquitoes in the first place is a better option than having to control them once they have infested. Prevention can range from removing breeding habitat options to keeping them from biting you and your family.

Remove Standing Water. A breeding habitat for mosquitoes, even the smallest amounts of standing water can act as a place for these pests to drastically expand their populations. Something as small as even a puddle or the water standing inside of an old tire can act as an invitation for mosquitoes to breed.

Check for Entry Points. To make sure your commercial building is secure and free from pests, arrange for a visual inspection. Doors and windows should be sealed tightly. Windows that open should be properly fitted with screens with no holes, tears or other damage.

Personal Protection. Believe it or not, mosquitoes need your blood to breed. Since female mosquitoes use the blood they get from you to help in their breeding process, preventing them from getting blood could cut down on mosquito populations in the long run. Protective clothing, including long pants and long sleeves, should be worn when working hard or playing outdoors, particularly at dusk when mosquitoes are most active.

Contact a Professional. The best pest control treatment options will be ongoing throughout the entire mosquito season. Fogging may be used for commercial areas or neighborhoods. Storm drains, retention ponds, and other standing water may be treated with larvicide. Of course, mosquitoes cannot be completely eradicated, but their populations can be minimized and kept under control in specific areas.

For help with commercial mosquito control and prevention in Houston, contact Cypress Creek Pest control for an inspection or a quote. As the largest private mosquito control operator in Texas, Cypress Creek offers clients the ideal program to meet their pest control needs in Houston and the surrounding areas.

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