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The Do-It-Yourself or DIY phenomenon has taken over thanks to the vast amount of knowledge on the Internet and products sold across the globe. But should you take this approach when it comes to combating pests in your home? If you want your pest control done correctly, use a professional service. Here’s why.

Skunk odor on you, your pet, or frankly anywhere can leave you gasping for air. When it comes to getting rid of the smell, most people will give you a generic “take a shower” or “bathe in tomato juice” solution. But those suggestions, while unfortunately mainstream, won’t solve the problem.

Does the mere thought of a rat or mouse make you cringe? Do you find yourself overwhelmed when people mention them? You may have Musophobia, or the fear of rats and mice. The condition is more common than you think – affecting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Hearing the words “wolf spider” may conjure up images of a super-sized wolf-hybrid monster destroying the city. Thankfully, wolf spiders are not B-rated movie monsters come to life. They are a common arachnid found throughout the United States. What they are known for is a painful bite. However, it is not deadly. Here’s everything you never knew you needed to know about wolf spiders.

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