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As a homeowner, dead, brown patches in your lawn is a sight you probably don’t enjoy seeing. If you begin noticing these problems areas in your otherwise green lawn, you may have sod webworms. Sod webworms are the larval stage of a small brown moth, and they are an annual occurrence in the Houston area during spring. Here’s what you need to know to identify if you have a sod webworm problem.

As a Houston resident, you're likely familiar with termites as a destructive pest. You or someone you know may even have history with the wood-devouring insect already. Often times, termites go unnoticed, and the first sign of damage is the tip of the iceberg. However, beginning in April, termites become a much more visible problem by gathering in large, flying groups known as swarms. This year, we are already beginning to notice termite swarming taking place!

The Do-It-Yourself or DIY phenomenon has taken over thanks to the vast amount of knowledge on the Internet and products sold across the globe. But should you take this approach when it comes to combating pests in your home? If you want your pest control done correctly, use a professional service. Here’s why.

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