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Does the mere thought of a rat or mouse make you cringe? Do you find yourself overwhelmed when people mention them? You may have Musophobia, or the fear of rats and mice. The condition is more common than you think – affecting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Hearing the words “wolf spider” may conjure up images of a super-sized wolf-hybrid monster destroying the city. Thankfully, wolf spiders are not B-rated movie monsters come to life. They are a common arachnid found throughout the United States. What they are known for is a painful bite. However, it is not deadly. Here’s everything you never knew you needed to know about wolf spiders.

Obviously everyone wants to keep rodents away from their homes, but did you realize that rodents can also do damage to vehicles? Even if you buy the most reliable car and store it away in your garage, when rodents have access to your car, it could be at risk of damage that will not only be inconvenient but could also very expensive!

Bed bugs can feel like your arch enemy if they decide to settle down in your home uninvited. These tiny little creatures can be a nuisance, but they don’t carry disease. Still, if not caught early, a bed bug infestation can create a huge inconvenience and may even become a very expensive problem if it goes too far.

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