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Skunk odor on you, your pet, or frankly anywhere can leave you gasping for air. When it comes to getting rid of the smell, most people will give you a generic “take a shower” or “bathe in tomato juice” solution. But those suggestions, while unfortunately mainstream, won’t solve the problem.

Noises coming from your attic or ceiling at night are never a good sign. Once you’ve ruled out burglars or ghosts, it’s time to consider another unfortunate possibility: pests or other animal intruders.

Most people are creeped out by bats. Their presence is often associated with all kinds of stories, rumors, and folklore—some of which are myths and other things that are proven true. While you probably don’t want them living in your attic, bats are actually considered one of the most beneficial animals on the planet.

There’s so much to think about during the holidays! While you’re thinking about parties and gifts and baked goods, you would also be wise to think about keeping away unwelcome guests. No, this doesn’t mean the in-laws! Making sure that insects, rodents and other critters aren’t invading your home during the winter months is an important part of having a happy holiday season.

If you’ve ever been woken in the night by the sounds of critters scratching and scurrying above you, then you’re aware of how unsettling that can be. But rodents in your attic and roof do more than just keep you awake at night. They can also be the cause of significant damage to your house, as well as being hazardous to your family’s health once they're inside. Awareness is key when it comes to preventing and removing roof rats from your home and property.  

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