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Originating from Southeast Asia, the Asian cockroach (Blatella asahinai) has spread throughout the world. Carrying with them germs and diseases that can be hazardous to human health, these pests look a lot like other common cockroaches but have some very different characteristics. This means that the approach to this type of roach control must also be unique, so understanding more about these pests can help you to keep them away from your home or property.

Whether you’re deathly afraid of them or simply don’t like the webs they spin, most people prefer not to have spiders in their homes. Certain seasons and weather patterns may mean that more spiders are interested in entering your home, especially when the weather is wet. Male spiders are particularly interested in prowling through homes during the late summer and fall, looking for mates.

Often considered the only species that could survive a nuclear meltdown, cockroaches have hearty dispositions among their more than 4,500 various species. Of the 30 species that are commonly found around humans, many of them may look alike but are not at all the same.

Hot weather and standing water come with significant nuisances related to pest control. One of the most dangerous and annoying pests that need control in Houston are mosquitoes. Bringing deadly diseases at worst and itchy bites at best, mosquitoes can be prevented and managed through basic diligence and access to professional pest control services. Three forms of mosquito control include preventing breeding sources, protecting yourself, and caring for your community.

Using your own methods of controlling pests in your home may be more risky than you think. Of course, a random fly swatter or ant trap probably isn’t going to create a long term problem for anyone. But anything more severe such as an ant infestation or rodent problem likely warrants the consultation of a Houston pest control professional and exterminator.

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