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As spring arrives and the weather begins to warm, stinging insects become more common. Even if you aren’t aware of an allergy to stinging insects such as bees or hornets, it’s best to take precautions. Anyone can be adversely affected if caught in the midst of a swarm.  In fact, stinging insects account for over ½ million visits to the emergency room each year.

Increasing in number over the past few decades, stink bugs have become more popular and well-known—or possibly “infamous”. From the pentatomidae family of pests, stink bugs are a mottled brown color with dark bands on their front wings. Their shape appears much like a shield and their size ranges between 12 and 17 millimeters long.

Attic? Crawl Space? Storage Closet? Almost every house has rooms that are neglected or forgotten. And these forgotten rooms are like a dream come true for rodents such as rats who are excited to bring their filth and germs into your home.

If you have ever been in the middle of a baking frenzy, only to discover that unwanted critters have infested your dry goods, then you are not alone! Foods stored in the pantry are particularly susceptible to invasion by pests. Cereal, flour, nuts, dried fruits, and other stored foods make an attractive meal for all sorts of pests.

Most people have come across caterpillars in their gardens or yards and usually think nothing of them. Children often find caterpillars interesting and may even try to pick them up and play with them. These larval-stage creatures live to eat, which is why they are typically found on bushes, plants, and trees. In fact, depending on the species, a group of caterpillars can ravage the foliage off of a large tree in a matter of days or even several hours.

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