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Autumn is the time when rodents, such as mice and rats, are looking to head into your home to seek shelter from the cool weather. As you protect your home against them, consider getting help from a rodent control expert to get rid of mice and keep your family safe.

Spiders are no fun, especially when they can bite you! And even more so when their bites have the potential to be venomous and cause serious health problems. The more you know about brown recluse spiders, the more equipped you’ll be to take care of a problem with them if you come across it.

In late August, as the damaging effects of Hurricane Harvey were revealed in Houston, one noticeable concern that developed was the unique self-preservation abilities of the fire ant. Not long after the flooding began, fire ants started appearing in mounds that created a sort of communal floatation device. Because of the fire ants’ ability to repel water and cling together, flooding brought on by storms doesn’t drown them—it simply displaces them.

When you think about the creepy creatures of Halloween, does your mind go directly to vampires, zombies, ghosts and monsters? Your home is much less likely to be invaded by these fictitious characters than it is to be invaded by real creatures such as blood-sucking bed bugs, scary spiders, nocturnal bats and more. As temperatures begin to fall in the autumn, these various pests like to try to get into your home to make their nests for the winter.

Pets easily become part of the family, and you want to make sure that they are living safe and happy lives. One way to protect your cats and dogs is to be aware of the types of pests that can do them harm, and then practice proper pest control to care for them. Here are some of the most common problems for pets that may require pest control help in the Houston area: Fleas One of the most pest breeds associated with pets are fleas. Cats and dogs are so often allergic to the saliva of fleas that, if left untreated, they develop rashes and scratch their own skin excessively. Some dogs and cats will scratch flea bites so that their skin becomes raw, red, and can even become infected. Treat your dog or cat with vet-recommended flea baths or collars to keep fleas away. If your home is infested, you’ll likely need the help of a pest control professional.

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