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When we bring pets into our homes, they very quickly becomes part of the family. But when your pet bring fleas into the house? Those aren’t quite as welcome. A flea infestation is not necessarily a sign of a dirty or unkempt home. If someone living nearby has a flea infestation, your pet can easily make your home vulnerable as well.

Have you ever been at barbeque or picnic at dusk with several friends and family members, and the next day you notice that you have mosquito bites all over you but the other people you were with were barely affected? Mosquitoes are small, buzzing, and potentially dangerous creatures that are attracted to humans for a variety of reasons. And certain people happen to draw them in more readily than others.

Often just the idea of a spider can give people a creepy-crawly feeling. But the myths and stories surrounding spiders may be very different than reality that is proven by science and experience.

The quintessential uninvited picnic guests, ants show up in all kinds of other places as well. Particularly where food is involved. So when you see an ant in your kitchen or other places where you have food, it’s really not a surprise.

While cockroaches are disgusting no matter where you find them, a restaurant may be one of the worst places for a cockroach infestation. Roaches not only bring with them germs and diseases, but they can also ruin the reputation of your restaurant and possibly even cost you the loss of your business.  

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