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When the summer comes to a close, moms are in a frenzy to buy notebooks, pencils, and gym shoes. Clearly time to go back to school! But as you think about what school supplies your kids will be taking to school with them, you should also consider what types of back to school pests they may be dealing with during the day and bringing home.

Everyone knows about Lyme disease, but did you know there is a tick that can cause you to be allergic to meat? The Lone Star Tick not only carries disease-causing pathogens like other ticks, but can also cause a sensitivity to certain foods. This tick has been expanding its territory over recent years. As of 2018 there were more than 5000 known cases in the United States, a large increase from just a few dozen cases from a decade ago.

Mosquitoes are tiny-but-fierce creatures who will ruin any outdoor party! Not only can their buzzing annoy and their bites irritate, they can also be carriers of harmful diseases that are dangerous to your family. Here are some of the myths (and related truths) that you need to know in order to have the best mosquito control for your home and property.

Summer in Houston brings with it a great deal of heat, outdoor activity and fun! But the heat and humidity of Houston summers also include a few unwelcome guests: pests of various shapes and sizes. If you’re tired of your fun being interrupted by summer pests, then you are not alone. The good news is that the most of these nuisances can be easily tamed through summer pest control.

Mosquitoes are creatures whose size belies their power. Tiny but mighty, these blood-sucking insects spread so many diseases that they are considered to be the deadliest animal on earth. Those mosquito bites don’t just itch and annoy—they can also carry serious viruses such as West Nile virus, Chikungunya, Zika virus, and more.

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