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As the weather warms, we all look forward to summer days. But what we don’t get excited about are those buzzing little creatures that can buzz in our ears, suck our blood and leave us itching for days. These critters have a bad reputation, and there’s a good reason for that since they leave us desperate to find ways to exercise mosquito control. On the other hand, these intricate little insects are also rather interesting.

When you begin to see a swarm of termites around your house, it’s disconcerting to realize that this probably means that there is a termite colony somewhere nearby. Termites have the reputation of being “silent destroyers”. But learning about termites and their swarms can help you decide if you have a problem and need termite extermination.

Summertime brings with it warmth, fun, and freedom! But it also can bring with it a significant number of pests that invade your home and your property. Houston’s wet, hot weather makes it attractive to various outdoor pests and you may need to watch out for these, taking important steps toward pest control.

Although humans don’t really get into the full swing of the summer season until school is out, insects and other pests aren’t concerned with the calendar. Admittedly, pest control in Houston happens year round, but summer pests such as ticks, mosquitoes, and ants become more active in the warmer months starting as early as March. Taking preventive pest control steps in and around your home starts by knowing what to look for and where:

Think of them as secretive spies, or the ultimate introverts. Whatever the case, pests such as insects and rodents are usually interested keeping their existence undercover. Many of them are nocturnal and prefer the dark, feeling safer and more comfortable when they are anywhere humans and house pets are not. On the other hand, pests like to be in your home and on your property if you are willing to provide them with what they need: food and water sources.

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